Topes de Collantes National Park Cuba

Topes de Collantes Cuba

The Topes de Collantes national park is a maze of jungle-covered limestone mountains called “mogotes” featuring picturesque waterfalls and caves.

The highest mountain in the area is the Pico de San Juan which extends skyward to an impressive 1150 meters (3773 feet). There is no hiking permitted on this particular summit because it is part of a military zone but, don’t worry, there are numerous other surrounding peaks begging to be discovered.

Topes de Collantes Cuba Rope Bridge

Getting to Topes de Collantes

Most visitors to the area originate in Havana and usually Rent a car in Cuba. Getting to Topes de Collantes from Havana is rather simple. First you take the main Cuban highway called the Carretera Nacional (A-1) eastbound until you reach Km 270, at which point you will see signs for Carretera a Manicaragua. The park boundary starts approximately 50 Kms from the highway. The total distance from Old Havana to the Hotel Villa Caburni and Hotel Los Helechos is 322KM (200 miles) and the journey will take around 4 hours.

If you are located in Trinidad and wish to visit Topes de Collantes the distance is very short indeed, being just 18 km (11 miles). From Trinidad center, look for the Topes de Collante turn off from the coastal road which is approximately 7 Kms to the West of town center and just after the “punto de control”. Based upon the fact that you will starting at sea level and attaining +800 meters altitude in 18km, you will understand that these are steeply inclined mountain roads. Nevertheless, the roads are perfect, well paved and signposted. They are free of major traffic and a nice drive. There are several vantage points along the way so keep your camera prepared and, be ready to stop along the way for some excellent shots of the valley and rolling hills.

If you are located in Cienfuegos it is just 68 km (42 miles) to Topes de Collantes and well worth a visit. Take the coastal road east until you see the signs for Topes de Collantes and then head up through the final 11km of mountain roads.

Cuba Parque Topes de Collantes

The Topes de Collantes national park has several tourist areas to explore:

We hope we have convinced you to come and visit soon!

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