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Parque Guanayara Topes de Collantes

Parque Guanayara in Topes de Collantes is 15km (9.3 miles) north of the Los Helechos hotel. From all walking routes available Parque Guanayara hosts probably the area’s most scenic ones. An easy to intermediate hike follows the Guanayara River for a few kilometers up to the Salto El Rocío, a beautiful waterfall, which concludes with […]

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Parque Altiplano Topes de Collantes Cuba

Parque Altiplano is the most developed tourist area in Topes de Collantes. As well as being the location of all the local hotels, Parque Altiplano also harbors the area’s most popular destination for avid hikers, the fantastically located 62m (203 feet) high Caburni waterfall. This breathtaking waterfall is surrounded by aged pine and eucalyptus trees […]

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Parque Codina Topes de Collantes

Parque Codina is close to the Parque Altiplano and features an excellent mountain restaurant serving both tour groups and individual visitors. The hiking trails are moderate to easy and feature waterfalls, caves, and some spectacular panoramic viewpoints. During your visit you will discover that the area is popular for both Bird watching and camping with numerous […]

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