Parque Codina Topes de Collantes

Codina Topes de Collantes

Parque Codina is close to the Parque Altiplano and features an excellent mountain restaurant serving both tour groups and individual visitors. The hiking trails are moderate to easy and feature waterfalls, caves, and some spectacular panoramic viewpoints. During your visit you will discover that the area is popular for both Bird watching and camping with numerous groups constantly staying in the area.

Parque Codina Topes de Collantes

The heart of Parque Codina is of course the mountain retreat of Hacienda Codina. An old Spanish colonial coffee-growing ranch converted into a tourist haven, restaurant and stopover point for walkers and hikers in Topes de Collantes. The ranch is the starting point for several easily manageable walks, some no more than 1km, into the surrounding forest.

Parque Hacienda Codina

Hacienda Codina is also popular for its several other attractions such as; medicinal mud baths, medicinal and ornamental gardens, a collection of orchids with over 40 local species, a bamboo grove and the Island of Love found in the corner of the cave where yoga is practiced at an altar. Continue through the forest and vines along the trail to a secret passage that ends at a viewpoint from which you can see the Valley of the Mills, Trinidad and Playa Ancon. Several other trails lead to La Batata, a subterranean river at the foot of a lush green valley where you can bathe in the cool waters inside the cave.